my acer
aspire v5-471g
intel core i3-2367m cpu@1.40ghz, 4GB RAM, 64bit OS

My Laptop freezes a few minutes after start-up but i can move the mouse but as i click applications it wount run and not responding i think it is not a virus or any treaths because i dont usually download from untrusted websites i kinda hold this laptop 4 only a month from now, and the hell it's giving me a big headache any sugg. is a big help tnx tnx
and lastly as i run in a safe mood it i dont encourter any freeze or hang ups...

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I would suggest that you download malwarebyte (its free) and do a full scan of your computer just to rule out it isnt malware.

The main difference between safe mode and normal mode is that you are running the a limited set of services/processes in safe mode. What may be causing your issue is not running while in safe mode.

Did this start recently? If so, you could try to do a system restore to a point in time where you didnt have this issue.


i dont usually download from untrusted websites

neither does my wife but she gets ,malware/ spyware /Trojans all the time ,usually from links in Facebooks Pinterest,or other so called trusted sites

I would do as jorgem suggest and run malwarebutes in safemode with networking

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