50 -60 degC. Yes, I noted that. But loggers take readings at set periods... and perhaps a load spike knocked the temp over the limit. With those coolers the fan unit must be above the cpu level, no sags in the tubes for vapour locks, hot line highest at cpu and fan unit.
All fun.

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I managed to get it to the desktop a couple of times and looked at SpeedFan to see if anything was overheating, but that was also a dead end. Usually, the sooner it powers off, the shorter time it will stay on for the next boot so it's pretty tough to work with. I haven't been able to get it to stay on long enough to run memtest or any other diagnostic tools(Who Crashed?, action center, event viewer, etc) I'm sure I was grounded during the upgrade. I have the latest catalyst control center for my new card and the latest driver for my motherboard installed. Any advice?

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