I'm testing sharepoint out and i've come accross a problem. i've installed everything snd it's all gone smoothly.

when i create a new web application it completes successfully.

when i create a new site collection that goes fine. i chose the 'team site' template.

How do i view the site? everytime i navigate to http://servername:portno it asks for a username and password?

Help would be appreciated!


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With sharepoint, all pages are protected via AUTH. http://servername would take you to the 'Home' site. In the Home site, if you create a new site called 'Sales', then you would use http://servername/Sales

Within each site are Site permissions. When you created the site, you can opt to either inherit the parent permissions or use unique permissions so you define access levels on the 'Sales' site.

Whatever site you are in, use the site button (upper left) and select Site Permissions.
You set permissions for "Owners - can do anything", "members - can add/edit content", or "Viewers - Read only".

Each of these groups can use userids taken from the Domain user list or from the local server user list.

So for a Site Owner, you might add 'Domain\Domain Admins'. For Sales members you might add a security group from the AD call 'domain\sales'. You can also create local users on the sharepoint server if you want and add those. Regardless, you must have some sort of user added to Site permissions to logon to the web pages.

Also, make note that the http://servername Home site is different from the Central Admin site at http://servername:portnum. IF you create a site in Home, its not accessible from Central admin. i.e. http://servername/Sales is a different site from http://servername:port/Sales

thank you for your help i will test it and check back here soon

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