Today i started to install internet explorer 8 so i did, my computer restarted and my profile disapered!?!?!?!?! It isnt deleted because when i go onto "User profiles" theres my profile and the other one i made ages ago, so i can only access the one i made ages ago, but i cant retrieve my profile that disapered. PLEASE HELP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Did you log on as a different user account?

Im not to sure what you mean, but i was on the profile that got disapered after my laptop restarted.

Oh and ive tried "System restore" but it wouldnt let me choose a specific date.

If you have multiple user accounts defined on your computer, you will have multiple profiles. It sounds like you logged in as a different user.

You didn't say which operating system you have, but assuming you ore using XP, Vista, or Win' 7, if you click on Start and look at the other options besides Shutdown, you should see the option to log off. Doing this will bring you back to the variety of users you say there are to log in as.

If it keeps on automatically logging you into a user account you prefer not to, then the simplest way to deal with this is to put a password an that account, then you will consistently see a choice of user accounts.

I have windows xp, Its not automatically logging me in, the main profile that i use disapered, its not deleted, but it wont show up on the logon screen, ive tried to copy my data to the new profile but it doesent copy all of it.

JorgeM i was on my main profile.

Please right-click "My Computer" and choose "Properties"

Click on the "Advanced" tab.

You will see three buttons, each called "Settings". Click on the second one down, or the middle one that refers to, "User Profiles Desktop Settings that refer to your logon"

what do you see there, please? If you only see the one profile there, then that clearly confirms there has been a system error and not an accidental misadventure.

To resolve this then please follow the instructions provided here. As you have already tried system restore, the best next step you should take is to back-up all of your data found in your original profile. (Contents of `My Documents', etc)

Next, undo the Systems Restore you have just done. All of the instructions pointed to in the previous paragraph will help You now. It is very well explained.

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