I have been having this problem recently with my internet explorer 6.0.
I have no problems with viewing but whenever I go into an online forum , the messages mostly appear as so small that they are not readable.
go to this site and look at the postings at the bottom:http://groups.msn.com/VisualBasic

I can see the posting headings but I need to come really close to the monitor to read the descriptions.

Is it because I have played with my internet explorer settings ?
I have'nt been able to drag icons in my desktop and place them on the right side from the left side.
Somebody plz help me about the font and about the icon problem.

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The desktop icons !! right click on the desktop ,click on arrange icons by,and make sure auto arrange isn't checked.
Font size ,internet explore /view /text size ,and increase it .The small font on that site is onlt 7.5 that is small anyway .


Hello, I am having a similar problem. I have recently start getting small font on some of my web pages, it is so small that I can't even read it. I have to copy and paste, and and insert it on Micro word to read it.
Is it something I did, because I don't remember doing anything. It happen to me in the past but the font was never this small. It's only on some web pages, not all.
Can someone please help me
Thank you

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