Hi there,
I installed Linux mint14 with Windows XP as dual boot. But after installing i realized that i did not gave any swap space to linux. So i deleted linux and entered Recovery Console with XP's bootCD. After entering Recovery Console, i typed "fixmbr" and restarted pc. Then i added more space to that drive(which i want to install linux). Last but not least, i installed linux mint 14 again. And this time i gave 5gb as swap space. After that i restarted my pc. But unfortunately there was no bootmenu to choose mint or xp. The windows xp start automatically. I wonder where goes that black coloured screen to select os. Please help me to restore the right settings. Thanks in advance.
_Vinod chandran

Hi all,
This problem is solved. I googled for a remedy and got a best tutorial on how to reinstall grub in here -http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/245 . I know linux is so complex for a newbie. But this tutorial is designed to help peoples to get the best remedy for their problems. Thanks to Linux mint.com

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