My daughter got on computer ,and now I can't access anything without giving each special permission to allow me to access.I cannot get to users in control panel ,won't let me access.I cant even use start menu.I keep getting popup saying "Windows cannot access specified device path ,or file.You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.cntrl alt delete shows me anti virus , and all usual programs running ,but nothing showing up in task bar.Startup menu wont let me access any programs have to use my computer and even then its a hassle.Need to get back soon ,have deadline to meet.Any ideas? Tried system restore ,no good.

try safe mode ,to get to users in control panel .
scan with spyware and antivirus program ,
this daughter is she old enough to boot out of the house !LOL

She leaves for college in 6 months, can't wait.LOL.Just kidding.Tried safe mode ,doesnt seem to work.Cant get it to go in safe mode.

Try going to start>run and entering the following:

control userpasswords

This should load the user accounts as normal.
Alternatively, you can try:

control userpasswords2

which is the Windows2000 version of it before XP made it all "gui-fied" :)

For getting into safe mode, you need to hit F8 during boot before the Windows XP splash screen comes up. On some keyboards, there is a key labelled F-Lock which would need to be on to get F8 to work. Many Microsoft ones have this on them...