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You'll need to be more specific. Sharepoint has tools to check for the validity of many coponents like cert validity, user app license validity, etc....


Hi CimmerianX, thanks for the reply. Thats the thing i was asked to present this topic at college and have no idea what they mean by that. i looked up for sharepoint on validity,and all that came up were errors... So what exactly is it then if you can explain it to me please. Thank you.


Without knowing the topic you were covering, could it be something along these lines - The topic you were discussing, SharePoint will allow you to collate and collaborate data/information to validate, or justify with a presentation, the direction of a project or event.

How does that sound? :-)


I know how it sounds but i was told to use the following to present about sharepoint:
Validity, Security settings, functinality and intergration. Now i asked the lecture he said find what you can on it and present it, but idont understand what does validity mean in terms of sharepoint as we havnet worked on it so i have no clue on sharepoint at all. That is why i am asking this question. What does it have to do with sharepoint "Validity"? Thank you


I don't know what others might think, and I would wait for a few more suggestions, but in that context looks to me as if you need to research the features of SharePoint and validate, or show why, SharePoint should and can be used in a project of any kind. In other words sell SharePoint to your tutor and class. Is that feasible?


Hi BigPaw, thanks for replying, i guess ill do some more research. do you think it relates to how you validate stuff like on vb.net for example "if username txt is blank then messagebox error will say - blank msg try again , else message box says- confirmed?" would that be what "Validity" mean?


I could be completely wrong here, because I'm not your tutor and I don't know anything about your course. But, it looks to me to be something very general. The word 'Validity' can have different shades of meaning. There is the sense you have just described where you are testing a status or algorithm. There is also the sense of "Give a good reason for, or against, something".

This is one of my favourite online Dictionaries, and here it gives you a broader explanation of the word 'Validity'.

The context of your tutor's question doesn't appear to be about coding or programming, but more like this...

Validity: Give a reason(s) Why SharePoint can/should be used, the benefits of using it, perhaps some examples of its use.

Security settings: Highlight its security features.

Functionality: How easy is it to use, what can it do?

Integration: How can/does it fit into, enhance, work with a business environment. Perhaps other business software applications and tools, including the Internet, it will work with.

Once again I could be completely wrong. Are there any fellow students you can contact for their input?


Hi BigPaw(Tutor) haha , all the students are having the same problem. What you do say, does makes sense as thats what i have been reading up on the net, on how and what sharepoint has to offer. Thank you again for the help.

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