Have XP

When trying to access MSN I get message"Your gateway appears to be offline"

Other sites I get " Invalid syntax error" or "cannot find server"

My original problem was on another thread:

Did all as advised except downloading SP2 as I cannot back up date at this time.

Tried system restore but only goes back 1 week when I was having the original problems.

I pray for your help as I am a complete novice at all this stuff.

Thanks in advance

Andy Ferguson

Forgot to add. I have completely removed Norton Anti Virus using their uninstall tool. The Browser is IE6 with 128 bit cipher strength. These details were not highlighted in the "about IE" box prior to the earlier fix (see above thread).

Andy Ferguson

I fail to understand why you didn't just add this to the end of your other thread, and bounce the whole thing back to the front(like I'm going to take the time to go hopping back and forth between threads!).

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