have a new hard drive, no os on it . have xp media edition, win 98 2nd ed, disc for board drivers, ect but don't how to start. Have access to win xp home, another computer. This computer has Vlos 1.1 on one hard drive and 2nd is blank........
boot disc failure, insert system disc & press enter.:confused:

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See if your cd rom is properly detected ... if you want to install XP, then you'll have to have your cd rom as your primary boot device.

That was done, problem is there is no os on this new hard drive portion of this computer. It has two hard drives, one loaded with vlos 1.1 linux and the other hard drive has nothing. That is the problem, where do I start to install anything onto this? What I have avail. is : Win 98 2nd ed, mother board drivers, drivers for the: moniter, dvd units, win xp media center 2005 & all I get is boot disc failure, insert system disk and press enter!!!!!!!!

The problem is I donot know where or how to start.

Sincerely, Billy Cowan, And Thankyou for reading and replying to my plea.

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