ok..i'm using :
windows xp pro

my problem is when i double-click any file folder on my xp, it is not directly open then folder.
the Search Result window come out instead. i have to right-click and choose open to open the folder normally. the default action to open the folder when i right-clicked it has been changed to Search... instead of Open. can somebody help me.plzz

FYI..i've done system restore hours before it happened. but i think it cant be caused by that.
maybe some files missing?or something? :-/

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thank u sooooooo much for that information.
im very sure that it will be the best solution for this problem. really much appreciated.

sorry for the late reply...daniweb roxx


You need to restore the registry. Download this registry file and run.
Click here to download

Problem fixed! Thank you very much for this!

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