from today morning , my keyboard just cant keep up. i type a few words , and then it starts displaying the first letters! quite a trouble this !
i tried google-ing about keyboard becoming slow , but the few forum threads i found suggested a format, but thats not an option for me. is there some way i can turn the keyboard back to normal without drastic steps like a format etc?

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USB keyboard? Any other USB device you've added recently? Have you tried another keyboard?

Personally, I've experienced a similar situation before. It was when I connected both a keyboard and a bluetooth adapter to a 4 port USB hub. The adapter seemed hog the power offered by the single USB port, giving the keyboard a hard time keeping up.

When you run task manager and look at the performance meter what is the CPU usage on your system while the keybord is slow? Is it high usage?

it is an usb keyboard... i have one sensor for the mouse from a previous combo pack , and another is this one's as this is new. but till yesterday nothing was the problem.
@reverend Jim : i did check that , but no.. nothing . generally i end most of the unimportant tasks from task manager as chrome and eclipse each take a lot of memory to run.

basically i was doing what i usually do. only this morning.. the keyboard became more like a turtle. however , seems to be fine now... any guesses?

seems to be fine now... any guesses?

One of the flay rod's apparently gone out of skew on the treadle?

Sorry. I got nothin'.

Sounds like the memory or cpu was being hogged by something, or the video card was in a very low power state. My video card self downclocks all the was down to power saving state 12 (P12) it will then runn it's GPU clock at 51 MHz and th ememory clock at 101MHz, and when I'm selecting text or something it will actually lag my computer! and it's just because f the video card in such a low power state.


get a new one? :p

Wait you said USB keyboard right? Is it wireless? If so it's just likely interference.


i guess its something like that... sometimes slows down , sometimes doesnt. its working fine since. just that one morning got haywire.

thanks everyone for helping :)

Not a problem somjit{}!

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