I need some help with renaming files using a batch script...

Say in a folder I have 2 html files. -

I need a bat file that will rename "1.htm" to "1a.htm" and then change "2.htm" to "1.htm"

In other words I need "2.htm" to become "1.htm"...

Anyone know how I can do this using a bat file?


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from the command prompt:
navigate to the directory (folder) containing your files to be renamed.

create the batch file like this:

copy con renameme.bat
ren 1.htm 1a.htm
ren 2.htm 1.htm

strike [enter] after each line
when done,
strike [ctrl]-z then [enter]

copy con
means copy the output of the console
renameme.bat is the file that will be created
the other two lines will be added in turn to renameme.bat
the [ctrl]-z key combination, when followed by the [enter] key tells the copy command that you are done, and writes the file to disk

then, from the command prompt, simply type


followed by the [enter] key

and, voila'! instant file rename!!

Thanks for the help.

I've changed it slightly. New scrip reads...


ECHO Changing to status 2...

ren status1.htm status1a.htm
ren status2.htm status1.htm


ECHO Changing to status 3...

ren status1.htm status2a.htm
ren status3.htm status1.htm


ECHO Changing to status 1...

ren status1.htm status3.htm
ren status1a.htm status1.htm
ren status2a.htm status2.htm



This alows me to have 3 static pages that display status info, to change at the click of a button without updating any pages or html links. Only draw back is pages can become muddled if the script ends half way through - (ie before all pages are back to their original file names.)

Thanks again.


lol indeed so!

now i see ~why~ you wanted this. :)

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