"Critical Stop" sound after XP Pro loads

Everything works great on my PC, but I get the "Critical Stop" sound right at the end of everything being loaded into memory during startup. There is no problem with anything that I use working correctly. This has been happening as long as I can remember so I've lived with it. Now I would like to understand what it is and know how to correct it. I am not an expert but I have explored some of the management tool.

Is there a why I can monitor what programs load and fail to load? Where do I look to see what is running (Other than CTRL+ALT+DEL)? Is there a program I need to get to analyze this problem with?

Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply, caperjack. For a while I thought that you might have pointed me in the right direction. I don't remember exactly when my PC started doing that, but I did install a wireless mouse and Keyboard a few months ago. Today I followed you link to MS website and download a couple of files for WinXP that I thought could have fixed it, but it didn't. Then I thought, "Was the installation disk that came with the new keyboard and mouse really necessary?" I finally found it and installed it for the first time, but still nothing. It sure sound like the problem might have been where you mentioned. Now I am not sure again.

Everything is working and there are not critical issues. I've worked around that annoying loud "Critical Stop" sound by changing it to something else. I can live with it.

was worth a try ,sorry it didn't work

I was able to use the "msconfig" command from the run prompt and uncheck what was loading into the sys tray until I found the problem. The Critical Stop would sound off when Spyware Doctor was loaded. I am not sure the reason but a least now I know what is is.

Problem Solved!

Glad you could resolve your issue...

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