I think I have the virus "All activities of this computer has been recorded." How do I remove it when I can't get to that user account in safe mode? I can get in with Administrator but when I try to access my account it just keeps restarting. If I don't start in safe mode it just goes to the virus screen and I can't do anything.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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hello, you could use a bootable virus recover cd ,you can downlod and make the disk on another computer and boot the sick computer to it ,make sure that the sick computer is wired to the internet so you can run the update before you run the scan .
i use this one before with success .good luck
rescue disk

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Finally solved! I ran Malwarebytes again in Safe Mode in the Administrator account. It's not showing that screen anymore and I don't have to run it in Safe Mode. Thank you for your help!

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