Hi everyone,
I need really help about a thing.

I have an installer (exe file) which I am able to automate silently by using following switches:


Unfortunately there is a tick/option at the end of the installation process, which opens the company's website and release notes in notepad.
Is there any way to stop this from showing and opening Firefox?

I also tried this great tool: Silent Install Builder (http://www.silentinstall.org/) which allows you to record an Installation Automation script via GUI editor. Unfortunately, it is not freeware.
Is there maybe an alternative to this program?

Tried also AutoIT, but it seems very complicated to me.

Well, thank you for all your responses. Tried really lots of stuff, nothing worked so far.

Have a nice day, BB.

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actually I was trying to do it with SFXMaker.

/S will not prevent the program from showing release notes and opening a web site in Firefox at the end of the installation :(

I guess it must have smth to do with software repackaging?!

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