helle everyone,

I have a big problem.
I was reinstalling windows xp professional on my sisters pc and it rebooted and it give me a BSOD Unmountable boot volume.

I have tried everything. I tested the HDD and its in perfect condition. no bad sectors or problems.
I get this problem only at windows xp installations.

the specs of the pc:

Fujisti siemens motherboard ( it was a server board)
80gb hdd and 160gb hdd.
Pentium 4 HT 3.0 ghz
1gb ram
ati radeon hd 5450 1 gb

I hope someone knows the solution.

Jeannot Thewissen

Is it a blue screen with message BSOD?
If you are using Sata HDD then:

Try to change in BIOS, HDD Mode from AHCI to IDE Combined mode or leave AHCI in BIOS and load Sata drivers during installation of windows XP. U need floppy disk for drivers or you can copy the drivers into windows xp installation disk.

If you are using IDE HDD (PATA) then:
goto BIOS and load the Fail-Safe default settings.


Boot with windows xp installation disc, run recovery console and run
chkdsk /r

Hope this helps

already tried that, and the bios doesnt have a fail safe mode.
I tried the windows installation on different hard drives and with different installation cd's


forgot something
sometimes it boots in the installation, after I removed some hardware (ram or another hdd )
but it always comes back

are you using a CD or a flash drive for the installation Media.
Does the Installations stop at the same section each time
is the cd drive a IDE or sata
how did you check the hard Drive for error.
base on your answers here are some other sugestions
format the drive in another computer use fat32 and full format
do a check disk with the drive attach to another PC
check the CD drive or burn another copy( rip a copy of the current cd to ISO then creadte another CD from the ISO)

I tried in fat32, it did boot first time, then the bsod has come back
I tried to burn another cd too, that didn't workt either.
I did use checkdisk on another pc but that didn't work either.


Can it be the Motherboard????

Try replacing memory, put one memory into only one memory slot.
If doesnt work,
try moving your HDD to another computer then install win on that another computer.
This operation is only to exclude HDD damage.
If it is successful, then your HDD is ok. Then your motherboard is bye bye.
If it is unsuccessful, then problem is your HDD.

one thing, windows 7 runs fine on the pc, but want to install xp because it will run faster.

i am sorry that I didn't answer fast, I had to do things for school

solved, ide controller motherboard was broken.

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