what's the best diagram for this environment:
- The main router will route between three networks: A DMZ, a “client” network and the Internet. On the DMZ, traffic should be authorized only to and form published services (see servers section). The DMZ should be able to initiate dialog with machines on the client network. The client network should be subdivided in two 2 VLANs.It has three switches, with redundant links. VLAN configuration should be pushed from a single point.
- Servers are:
• Web server
• DNS Server
• File sharing DFS service
• Exchange mail server
- need to install an Active Directory domain controller. This server doesn’t need to run on top of the Hyper-­‐V cluster. The file sharing service should be redundant (two or more machines) and available using a single URI. You get to decide which servers must be on the DMZ.

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If you are asking for someone to diagram this for you, it's unlikely that's going to happen. What would be more beneficial for you and the other members is for you to give it a try and ask for comments/feedback regarding the components listed above.


i already finished my diagram but i want see if others have better ideas, thats all

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