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Not sure what you meant exactly by integrating 32 & 64 bit in one disk. I'm assuming 2 things indicated below:

  1. You want to install 2 different versions of Windows 7 (32 & 64) on a single HDD.

- This should work by simply installing it on a different partition on the same HDD and treated as a multi-boot computer.
- I don't think it will accomplish anything simply because whatever a 32-bit computer can do will also be available on a 64-bit Operating System.

  1. You want to "Slipstream" a Windows 7 versions 32 & 64 into a single DVD.

- slipstreaming only works if you want to integrate updates, upgrades, patches or service packs into the installation files.
- Windows 7 32 & 64 being 2 separate entities and not really an update/upgrade of the other makes this not qualified for slipstreaming.

If both of my assumptions are incorrect, then please enlighten us with more details so we can get more help/opinion from other forum members/helpers. :)

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