Hi, I have a Windows 7 PC which is loading up to the login screen, but once the password is entered, it is not loading further, with the screen remaining blank. Where is the possible source of problem in this case?

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It does the same in safe mode as well, not loading the desktop at all. The user would like to be able to at least get a copy of his files etc before trying to format and install again.


We really do need to know more about the computer.

Is this a self built PC or something else? Can you tell us the make and model? If it's self built can you tell us its specifications?

Have you made any changes to it recently? Try disconnecting all non-essential devices. But, don't even think about opening up the computer yet, please.

To retrieve your data download the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) and boot off that. The UBCD runs a temporary version of Windows in RAM without affecting your Harddrive. If it works then you should be able to find your files on your Harddrive and copy them to a Pendrive. If it works then it will also tell us that the problem is software and not hardware.

Without knowing what sort of computer you have it would be unprofessional of me to advise you to start taking bits out of your computer.

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The user would like to be able to at least get a copy of his files etc before trying to format and install again.

In the very worst case scenario, you can always open the PC, remove the hard drive, plug it into another computer using a USB<-->PATA/SATA connector. Then copy the files off.


Just use a linux live-cd to copy files to external storage. BTW I had that problem, your explorer.exe is corrupted, copy it from another computer (with identical OS) (again using linux live-cd). Problem solved.


Thanks for the heads-up on Ultimate Boot CD, I've managed to copy the user's files from the drive without any fuss. It seemed it was the Windows which had problems, since after a re-install using the user's original CD, it's back up and running, with the user happy to get back his files again for use :)

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