I have an HPZ200 running WIN XP that consistantly freezes at the first power up every morning. I come into work and power up. As the terminal is running through start up processes it appears to be fine. I get to the ctrl+alt+del screen and log on to our network. When I get to my desktop everything locks up. I have narrowed down that it is a timing issue because if I leave it sit on the ctrl+alt+del screen it will freeze there if I do not log in. If I unplug the network cable to eliminate a network issue, it still freezes.

The only way to proceed is to hold down the power button to power down and then power up again. Everything will work fine once I go through this cycle. I have looked through the log and there is nothing there that looks like a problem at the time this happens.

Any ideas or directions you can point me in?

Thank you in advance.

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I need to add that I just went to update Java and it informed me that iqs.exe was running. Upon further investigation, can someone move this to the proper forum if needed?

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