I have windows vista on a sony laptop. My primary (C) drive is corrupt, however my recovery drive (E) is still intact. MY laptop is stuck in a continuous reboot loop. I got all my data back, so thats not an issue. Using a vista boot cd and going to system repair ( which doesnt show my c drive or e in the pick a drive box, so i cant repair it through that) it allows me to access a command prompt. How can i make the recovery partition boot using the command prompt window only? i used diskpart to make it active but that didnt make it boot from E. I AM AWFUL AT USING COMMAND PROMPT. ANy help is much Appreciated , THANKS AGAIN!


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oh and just because i know someone is going to tell me this, pressing f10 wont work. it reboots before it will recognize that command. thats why im trying to use the command prompt

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