In most of the countries, Windows 8 is a new thing. People have become used to the rest of the operating systems and even developed softwares that attempt to produce complete compatibility with almost every type of laptop. Now this new OS tends to incline towards the touch screen feature found in tablets, smart phones and other gadgets. In which device do you think it operates the best, laptops or tablets?

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I really would not say in most countries, that Windows 8 is the new thing. The vast majority are using either Windows XP or Windows 7 still at this point.

It really does not operate best on laptops or tablets in the form that Microsoft created it in, due to you have a Gui on top of a Gui. If you are going to use the OS as it should be, Microsoft should have given the choice for users to decide which way they wanted to boot to the desktop, whether it is Metro or the conventional desktop that we are all used to, from Windows XP/Vista/7.

New systems (either tablets or laptops) that are shipped with Windows 8 are UEFI/SecureBoot enabled. In my opinion, this is an abomination since it pretty much restricts you to Windows 8, even though Linux developers are working on resolving this issue (with some success, but not simple for most folks). On an Intel x86 processor system, you can disable secure boot, but on an ARM processor system you cannot...

As for which device type Win8 supports best, it would by anything with a touch-enabled screen, and one that supports what is called "multi-touch". Yes you can use your touchpad and such, but it was designed for touch interfaces.

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