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I need you to solve the problem and must be solved, we have a network where server domain and active Derictori, with another surfer it exchange2003
And we decided to make Domain New same name with changing the scope of the ip and subnet mask and create windows new server for exchange2003, the problem that he must move mailbox from the old to the new, is there a way?, Knowing that I will set up in Server Domain new usernames same old active directory manually>>

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You've put yourself in a corner with regard to a migration plan. According to your description, you now have two Active Directory instances, both with the same domain name and now you have Exchange 2003 running on server(s) with the same name, but simply on different IP ranges.

So, the user and computer accounts were not migrated, but you just recreated the entire system. hmm...

How many user are you dealing with? At this point, if not many, you may want to just finish what you started by enabling new mailboxes, move the MX record for the domain if you havent done that already, and just export the user's mailboxes to PST files, then import into the new mailboxes. While this is a lot of work, you control the move at a user level and mitigate all sorts of problems.

To main issue here is that you cant even create a trust relationship between these two domains because of the naming problem. I dont see any easy way to connect these two instances and use migration tools to move mail between two mail organizations with the same name.


Tried to use the tool "exmerge" for import and export "PST file" but the Arabic language appears next in the "subject" field "?????????????"

plz help!!!

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