Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone can explain why my laptop overheats when using Windows (any version), but when using Linux (Ubuntu) I have no heating issues!

Its not a major worry as I have recently moved over to Linux as my main system, but I am curious why this is happening.

Thanks in advance,


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Windows has massive overheads compared to a Linux based operating system, that would be the simple answer.

In Windows, almost everything runs on the GUI which means you are use a huge amount of resources to do very simple tasks.
Unlike Windows, in a Linux environment you have a lot which runs on what is known as a daemon, running in the background. This means that only things that you run are running on the GUI.

On the other hand, some find Linux runs hotter because drivers for hardware isn't optimised, unlike that on Windows. This is because hardware manufacturers normally focus on the main market (Windows) and often neglect drivers for other OS, which is why you normally rely on open source drivers for a Linux computer.

it is because more process are running on the background. Try to remove all unnecessory softwares from startup. And you may find some difference

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