Hi, I have problem on how to share a folder from my laptop to my pc and from my pc to my laptop,My Laptop is connected to my neighbor's wifi,..my First question is how can i share my folder from my laptop(windows7) to my desktop(windowsxp) and etc...second question is i don't want my neighbors to see my folder that i shared to my desktop.by the way i use lan cable crossover to connect my laptop and desktop.can you help me please how to achieve this.Thank you in advance.

So you are on someone else's network and taking their bandwidth and on top of that you want to secure your resources from your neighbor. Wow.

In any case, since you are on what appears to be an unsecured network you should note that there may be others on this network that are also freeloading. You have no idea if the person that owns this network may be capturing all of your traffic, or another neighbor could be doing the same. While its quite easy to secure your resources and traffic on this network, I'd recommend that you get your own Internet connection and private network.

@JorgeM,Hi Thank you for the reply...yes but i ask permission with them i paid for the wifi connection...Their wifi has Security type:WPA-PSK and they are the one puts the password so that i can connect with them...that is my problem i am in other network...so in other words JorgeM,there is no way to protect my file against to my neighbor.?

Thank you in advance.

If you have permission, that is OK. One way to protect your resources is to enable the local firewall on both of your systems. Setup static (or reserved IPs) for both of your computers.

On the firewalls running on each computer, create exemptions that allow traffic from the other computer you have. Do the same on both computers. Block all other IPs.

@JorgeM, can you teach me step by step if it is okay for you, How can i enable the local firewall?what ip should i put on both computer?I hope you can help...

@JorgeM, by the way my laptop is windows7 and my desktop is windows xp service pack 3

@JorgeM,I create Network bridge in my laptop inorder my desktop can have access in the internet,but i tried to put static ip ( in network bridge it will not connect to the wifi and i am disconnected..what should i do now,by the way in using network bridge my desktop always promt it has an ip conflict but still i can connect to the internet...Thank you in advance.