My cd-rom is not detecting Cd. it does not auto play. when i double click on dvd drive on my computer. it says E:\ application not found. i went to manufecturer site for driver update. but there was no new driver update available. i also checked in the device manager. everything in the device manager seems to ok. I also deleted the upper filter in the registry.but there was no lower filter showed in the registry. and restarted the computer. that did not work. my dvd rom physically working fine. I pushed eject on my computer. and it did work that way too. I am not sure what is causing the problem. please let me know any other solutions. I thank you. note: I have emachine computer with basic vista operating system.

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It's possible that the CDROM drive's optical reader needs cleaning. It could also be simply some other failure within the drive itself. Fortunately these drives are relatively inexpensive.

There's no drivers that you need to update. I don't think this is a driver issue.

If you have another computer, a quick check would be to remove the drive from this system and instal it in another. If you have an IDE to USB connector, you could test it that way as well on another PC without having to physically install it in another case.

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