when we start microsoft window calculator and switch to programmer mode(for number system like:-binary,octal,decimal,hexadecimal) then found that we cannot use dot(.) for floating point number but in fact number systems may have dot(.) (like 110101.1010).

is this a bug in microsoft calculator or there is something other reason or there is something special procedure to enable that button(dot button).

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At my site, if you wish you may enter hexadecimal, octal and/or binary numbers with the dot (.) by prefixing &h, &o or &b, respectively. The result may be shown in any/all of those bases, besides decimal.

A bit of further explanation:
When one of the following &h, &o, &b or &d followed by a number, respectively, in
hexadecimal, octal, binary or decimal base is found in an expression,
the prefix overrides the previous base: 10+&hf+10 gives 41 (decimal: 10+15+16=41)
as result (not 35). To restore initial default decimal base &d should be prefixed:
10 + &hf + &d10 = 35. So in brief, the initial default base is decimal until
a new base is found and, this last one prevails until a new base prefix overrides.

At the present, the downloadable version in not updated, but hope in brief it'll be.
Meanwhile, the online polynomial and scientific calculator version gives this posibilities.


Just another note: if you enter &h0.8, as you may expect, the decimal result is 0.5 (=1/2).

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