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Whether or not the specs are adequate depends a lot on what you want to do with it. Document editing doesn't require much power. Hardcore gaming is another matter.


And that is not a gaming laptop. Which are strange beasts, anyway... sure, they are portable, but unless you can plug into the AC with the adapter the graphics card falls over. Power saving.
The graphics on this one are not great... but the rest is overkill for home use... docs, editing pics, net stuff. At least you can plug up to a proper screen with the HDMI if you want to watch a movie you've downloaded.
When the McAfee runs out, get something real. An eSata port might have been nice.
Get your hands onto the keyboard before you buy, too.


Thanks, will the graphics be okay to play games like, call of duty WAW for example? I am mainly going to use this for video making, graphics, photo editing and gaiming?

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