PLEASE HELP - I have forgotten my Windows 8 Password for my new HP Laptop. I can not find a way to bypass. I changed my Microsoft Account password and tried using a new one, yet I continue to receive an error indicating - I do not have access,try again using the last password entered or go to account.live.com.

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If you really cannot recall your password, then you may be SOL, especially considering the tighter security of these systems. My advice is to boot a Live Linux CD/USB/DVD drive (if the secure boot allows you to), copy your necessary data to a backup USB device, and then wipe/restore your system, with a password you can remember! To boot the live cd/usb/dvd drive, you may have to access the UEFI BIOS and disable secure boot first.


Not a user of W8.... but it seems that you have lost your system's password AND confused your Windows Live acount? Hmmm.. busy mind. Okay, I understand the Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
works with W8 to reset the password. You can then start the sys and enter a new password. Download the iso - it's free.
I should point out that if the laptop is not yours and you proceed to use this tool, then the original password will be removed [you will not be shown it] and the proper owner will know his machine has been hacked.

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Microsoft is really shady. They try and get use to use your microsoft account to login to the machine. This way they can sync all your data, blah blah blah. Anyhow it's a bunch of malarky. Below all of those options to use your microsoft account is an option to create a local account.

You can try pressing f8 at first boot and see if you can access the administrator account that way.

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