Hi - Some time ago I upgraded the old box (Alzheimers in the hardware) and jumped to W7HPx64. The new box has an i5-2400 CPU, FWIW.

My problem is that it came with VisualC++ 2005 and 2008, but nothing later. VC++ 2008 has two x64 files and one x86 file. And, as usual, I need to add new versions.

But, when I look through Microsoft's VC++ pages, it's confusing. Apparently, it's only for x86. But I can get VC++ 2010 SP1 which gives me a vcredist_x64 file? And there are some other updates, including a Security Update...

So {what|which files} do I need to install VC++ 2010 to suit an x64 box, and maybe also VC++ 2012?


a-a-HA!!! Found it!!!!

Search explicitly for vc++ 2010 x64. This picks up Microsoft's x64 download page... And make sure you get the x32 file while you're there. Don't bother with any other hot-fixes or updates, this is a Runtime Environment here.


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