my computer was randomly crashing when i was importing music to itunes, but it was just losing power for a split second then rebooting, so i thought a new power supply would do it since the one that came with the case was chincy. put new 700 watt modular ps in plus an array of fans for cooling along with a fan controller and more ram, now i get the red harddrive light but not the green power light, all the fans work, the monitor wont do anything it just says no signal. I have everything hooled up correctly i think, does anyone know what this could be???

system is a pentium dual core 3mhz 1 gig ram, 160 g hd and was running fast and perfect, aside from the power shortage.

any help would be greatly appreciated as this system is only three months old.


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Start unplugging stuff (while the power's off, of course), one item at a time, and trying to boot up with one less thing plugged in and powered each time until get your display back.


Strip the system down to the Mobo+CPU+PSU and try powering the system. Check the LED status and also see if the mobo makes any beeps (it should since you don't have any RAM plugged in). If it does, add components one at a time to see which part is bad.

Otherwise, test the PSU somewhere else to confirm.

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