Being a team member of admin depart in my organization, I deal with various exchange server activities everyday. Thus, I always need to closely monitor the whole emailing system for enhancing the performance of my organization and convert them into business. My concern is : How can I track non-business email transactions received or sent by individual users on exchange server? I need to monitor for various departments users. Please suggest me.

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Hi Andres,
Following spicework community or social technet sites will be better plateform rather than other where you can discuss and get an appropriate solution for the same. I have mentioned below some good references for your better opinion where I hope, you can get some helpful tips and solutions:
1) social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/exchange/en-US/c11ecd8c-b0f7-49bc-a644-faa30837a126/how-to-determine-number-of-internal-and-external-mail-transactions-per-day-week-or-month?forum=exchange2010
Can you please share : which exchange server you are currently using ?

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