The other day I decided to re-install KOTOR 2, I have all original disks, and have played it a long time ago, but with the recent install it would not run, so i found a patch required to install it and now for 2 days it has ran without any major glitches, but now (2 days into it) my system stopped working correctly, vista loads but sits still and does not seem to run anything, if i click control panel it loads the main window for it, but then "no response" error and windows explorer (desk top) refreshes and programs still wont run, i've tried firefox, IE and others but they also just "sit" there doing nothing, but when i look into task manager the program is saying its "running" in memory, but i have no programs open, or windows showing me on desktop or minimized at all. Any idea? it was a brand new store bought with no vista reboot disks given with it, bought years ago.

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drives definately not full i removed well over 18gig of files 3 days ago.


i think you need a fresh install of windows and probably win7 because winvista is full of bugs it will create errors sooner or later. If your Pc runs Windows Vista then it will probably run windows7.you should reinstall you os once in a year atleast for windows or switch to linux or mac

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