Recently upped my memory from 256 to 760 MB. Surfing from page to page still takes longer than the old dial-up days. For example, from the time I signed onto my home page until I got to this thread was nearly ten minutes.

I've checked my task manager, and it indicates only 24% usage.

Also done all the typical maintenance, cleaned cache, defragmented per my computer's recommendation, blah blah blah...

Spyware perhaps? Best way to scan and elimimate? (I've used Spybot and it was useless).



HP Pavillion a360n
760 MB
2.6 ghz

Thanks! I'll let you know my progress.


CPU usage only 24%? Errr, what's it doing, launching a space shuttle? Lessee, as I type, playing some music, mine is 5%. No music, bout 1%... Check your network traffic while it is [you consider] idle. Course, that does not catch all malware being active, cos some are smart enough to shut themselves down while you are not active on the net.