Can somebody please recommend a good diagnostic program to sort out all my problems in Windows 7, I am already using kaspersky Pure 3.0 and CCleaner but these are not enough, it seems that when there is an update downloaded it starts to play up for some reason, is this so. I had to run a Seagate tool to check the drives a couple of weeks ago, my Laptop is one year old and was put together by PC Specialist, I used to have a Hi-Grade Notino and I never had much trouble with that which ran Windows XP. Is there a diagnostic program I can use to manage everything?
Thank you.

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Sorry I would like to add something to my last post. When I started up today, the pc failed to start, this is not the first time that this has happened, it has happened several times before, I contacted the maker and they said to run the Seagate tool program which said that the drive was ok. Afterwards it ran aWindows assessment tool. Lately I am experiencing problems with the pages not responding at first but after awhile it settles down, could someone tell me what is happening with my Laptop.

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