I have recently updated my pc from the windows updating site and after i had sucsessfully installed all 60 updates i restarted it, it kept on restarting itself and never comes to the desktop. i have tried to get into safemode and all the other ones but it keeps restarting. I have two windows on my hard-drive: windows professional and xp home. Proffession works perfectly but when i click on home at the begining it keeps restarting. i have the windows cd to repair but it never comes to that stage it says at the bottom when restarting
Boot from floppy.....
Boot from CD drive..........
than comes back to the selecting windows page (professional or home

Please can you help me, in desperate need to get vital work back.:confused:
Thanks in advance:sad:

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change your boot order in Bios to CD then HDD.

Do you have a little caution sign in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop??? I had the sma eproblem and it turned out to be a virus

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