a freind of mine was reinstalling his Win7 on his laptop, during the preinstall phase he chose the Custom and not Upgrade when he was on the screen which shows his drives to install he highligted the local disk C and pressed the format button, when he presssed the next button it continued and copied all the fileTHEn when expanding the files it remained at 0% til an error came up, upon RESTARTING IT IT GAVE THE BOOTMGR IS MISSING ERROR. HOW CAN HE REINSTAL HIS WIN 7 BECAUSE EVERY TIME HE TRIES TO INSTALL IT ONLY ENDS AT THE EXPANDING ERROR PHASE AND AT 0%......CAN ANYONE HELP

Is it possible that the installation media is bad? Download a trial copy and see if it installs. The error you see when you reboot during the installation is because there are win7 boot files missing. The setup was not completed.

One can find the boot mgr file on many sites and copies of legitimate installation disks. Use a boot disk or a Linux boot disk to copy the boot mgr file to the boot partition and Bol

Our use a external usb dvd drive our usb stick with windows 8 on it sometimes the laser on a old dvd drive might be dirty and not reading all the info on the disc properly
and make sure the boot order in the bios is set properly

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