Hi, My Computer is acting strange. It lags/pauses when not in use for a while. For example, I am playing a game. All games have cinematics, right? when the short movie appear, I won't touch the keyboard or the mouse because I want to watch the movie. But suddenly, my computer acts strange and it lags the video/short movie. It returns to normal when I move the mouse or I press keys in the keyboard. Help please. I want to remove this lag when my computer is not in use for a couple of seconds. It is really annoying when I'm watching cinematics or short videos.

It's not the game. Everything lags when my computer is not in use. Even if I'm watching video's at facebook or youtube or any other site.

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Also check the screensaver settings. Disable it, or set it to a long period when running this sort of application and/or movie. Either that, or move the mouse every once in awhile... :-)


Bold Text HereYou can check at Control Panel the power option and make sure all never and also try to do the Hard Drive neevr sleep as well. Hope that helps.


Maybe it could be driver issues. Have you checked if you have an updated version of your video driver?

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