I have a Dimension 4500s that had to have a new HD installed.
My dell reinstall os disk is win xp with no service packs
When I try to download sp1a and install, it goes on the internet looking for sp1 and says server cannot be found.
When I go on win update they want me to update my browser (it has IE6)
When I try to update the IE, the error says cannot run on this version of XP.

Anyone have a way to get my computer up and running??

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Microsoft does not support XP any more, so you probably can't get the service packs for it. Your hardware is too old to support Windows 7 or 8, so I'd suggest you toss out that computer and get a new one that will last a few years.


If you are going to install SP3 on your XP, ensure you have ATLEAST 2 Gb of RAM. Other wise, see if you can find SP2 for your copy of XP.

And which verion are you running? Pro or home edition?


there isnt a minimum RAM requirement that I am aware of with regard to applying certain service packs.

From a security perspective, you really should be on the latest service pack for the operating system. After April 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing updates for XP. By then, you should have a plan to move off of Windows XP, or install a client side program that will "virtually" patch future vulnerabilities. Some of the anti-malware vendors have such agents that can do this.

Trend Micro's Deep Security is one such product. however, its an Enterprise class product. For home/retail, you'll need to do some research.

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i know that there is no actual ram requirement, but that is what my teacher is told us. (I just started college)



JorgeM has it right. You will need to DL SP3 separately and install it manually using the Download link he gave you. Windows update will not function with anything less than XP SP2 IIRC.


Ok I see. I am sure that your teacher is very competent. However, my advise to you from someone that has been working with Windows and have taught Windows networking for many years.... Ask questions, and verify answers.

The best way to learn, in my opinion, is to research, practice in labs, analyze results, repeat...

You are your best teacher. Your instructors, books, peers, computers, software, etc are learning tools.

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Good sound advice from a pro!

Thanks JorgeM! that's good advice that I will follow and i can see it coming in handy in the future!

Like they say, you learn something new everyday!

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