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It's a bit early so the jury's not out on this yet, but so far I'm liking it. I've set it up dual boot with my existing Win XP pro install.

The UAC (User Account Control) is a great idea for security in theory but Vista's implementation is aweful. I disabled it after about 2 extremely annoying minutes.

The 'Search' is very cool. When I found that Defrag wasn't in the Computer Management console, rather than tunnel thru all the menus to get to system tools, i simply typed defrag in the search and it launched it for me. Defrag's been improved too, u can schedule a time for it to run automatically.

http://www.my-etrust.com has a free antivirus for Vista.

nVidia has new drivers for Vista.

Now if it'll only handle my kid's games....



*waiting the 6 hours for the download* heh its crazy...buut, ill be trying a dual boot on a laptop, so we'll see.

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