XP would not load so used spare HD to boot desktop. Machine booted fine but cannot connect to internet to down load the drivers needed to connect to the internet!
Am presently using XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to collect all files and settings from my old C: drive (now D:) and hope this will work but would value comment.

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The XP Transfer wizard only transfers user data and settings for user account. It has nothing to do with applications or drivers. It is expected that the receiving machine already have the applications loaded. Plus, the receiving machine should be up to date on all drivers as well... How would you transfer to this machine without a functioning net card anyway?

Download the drivers on a working machine to a USB disk, then load the drivers from the USB to the new Machine.


Many thanks for explanation. Have searched for drivers but could not find them in a form I could download and copy. My desktop is ab ACPI Multiprocessor PC with AMD Athlon(tm) 64x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+. Grateful for further help.


To help you find the correct drivers we need to know the make and model number of your motherboard. You will need to have a look on the motherboard itself if you don't have the manual for it.

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