Actually, What happens?
I am having two a/c one is admin, and other as standard.
And As I am not logging to Admin a/c I forgot my password...
and I tried many password which can I put, but all failed.
And Now it's a time where I can't install any other software and also I can't Removed/uninstalled any of those installed software, So I need some Help.
I have also try some software too, but having some problem in it as they are not free version, we have to purchase then It can be used and all so...
So what I am telling is:

is there any way, that I can get the password from registry or somewhere else?
if so then it can help me....
Untill i know it will be in Binary code, no problem But beside this firstly I need to know where the password are saved?

If there is no way then there only onw way i.e. format,
But I dont like to format./....

Can anyone help me?

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never had you problem so i cant reccomend one,ophcrack looks good and i have seen people use it with sucess.

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Assuming you are running Windows 7, here is a guide:

  1. Insert your W7 installation DVD, or a Windows 7 System Repair disc, into your optical drive and restart your PC. If you have the OS on a flash drive, it will work too.

  2. After your it boots from the disc or flash drive, click Next on the screen with your language and keyboard choices.

  3. Click on "Repair your computer"

  4. Wait while your Windows 7 installation is located

  5. Once the installation is found, note the drive letter found in the Location column. Most Windows 7 installations will probably show D: but yours may be different.

  6. Select Windows 7 from the OS list and click the Next button.

  7. From Sys Recovery Options, choose Command Prompt.

  8. With Command Prompt now open, execute these two commands, in this order:

copy d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\
copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
Then To the Overwrite question after executing the second command, answer with Yes.

  1. Remove the disc or flash drive and then restart your computer.

(You can close the Command Prompt window and click Restart but it is also OK in this situation to restart using your computer's restart button)

  1. Once the Windows 7 logon screen appears, locate the little icon on the bottom-left of the screen that looks like a pie with a square around it and then click it!

  2. Now that Command Prompt is open, execute the net user command as shown, replacing myusername with whatever your user name is and mypassword with whatever new password you'd like to use:

net user myusername mypassword
So, for example, it would be something like this:

net user Bob ch33z1z3p1c

  1. Close the CMD window.

  2. Login with your new password! And don't lose it again -,-

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