Please I really need urgent assistance here., I got a brand new pc and want to degrade it from win8 and install windows 7.. The computer system will not allow me to enter boot setup.. or boot from dvd..


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how is the computer preventing you from accessing the BIOS settings?

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the system should not deny ur access to the BIOS settings... the thing may be that u r not getting the key to enter into it..
though in most cases the default keys to enter BIOS is F2, F8, Esc or Delete...try using them as soon as u press the power button to turn ur system ON..

Have you tried to run the windows 7 install disk when you are in Windows 8? Ive done that before and its worked to downgrade. If my understanding is right, the boot record for the hdd wont get put down till the partition is wiped and the files copied. Nonetheless, @Sanchit Sahu is right about getting in the bios.

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Using the window 7 install disk will help if and only if the default boot device is selected as ur disk drive.. otherwise the install disk wont be read automatically during the boot..

Still @Bodmingaol gave a good idea...try it...u might get lucky

do you have a win 7 product key? if your OS is an OEM, you can't do that legally..the rest is your choice..
Win 8 is very good (my own opinion) you just need to be familiar with it..

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@cguan_77 is right..
but if u still wanna degrade...then dont worry about the product key.. there are plenty of them available on the internet..

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go to PC settings and search for advanced startup option. There, press restart and it would restart directly into BIOS. Atleast this is what happens in 8.1. Try for it. It should work

Actually the correct word is downgrade not degrade. I have try once but unsuccessful. It maybe the UEFI thing in the BIOS that prevent your PC from booting from the DVD. Check with the vendor. If it is a clone computer than you may just go to BIOS setting and enable First Boot to DVD ROM. Hope this help.

If you can't get into the BIOS/CMOS to alter the Boot order, Have you tried using F10 or F12 or seen any FKey item on the POST screen which allows you to select the the boot device, often new systems will allow to do this. You then have to use the Up/down keys followed by enter to select the device. You will need a WIN7 O/s and a bootable one in the drive to start the process. And a viable Win7 license key

Looks like you need to check to see if the disk you have is bootable as well, you will need to find another PC to do this, you can power the system off on the power button once you have checked the disk will boot the system no harm done!

Can't degrade directly you will have to install fresh copy of Windows 7.

You could put the installation on USB and then boot it by USB.

i know the OP will likely not return ,but for others ,start with going into the setting of win8 and disable aststartup , then reboot computer hitting the correct key for you computer to enter the bios and change from uefi mode to legacy mode,this should then boot to the win7 dvd\usb thumb drive or what ever media you are using,after installing win7 ,you can go back and change bios to uefi ,and turn fastboot back on ,thats my understanding of it all anyway ,

I offen HATE using the users manual, but in your case id look to see what keys you have to press on boot to hop into BIOS. On my Windows 8 machine the key is f2 but yours may be diferet.

Sometimes, new computers refuses old OS.
Read the motherboard catologue.

First copy all windows7 os files to a directory in your system. .
Run the setup.exe directly from the OS directory. .
If it's ask the product key enter that. .
After some time it will be finish. .
It's always work but some time getting problem by the cureption of directorry files or os requirments. .

WoW a one month old thread where OP has never returned sure gets a lot of attention

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