Need help...
Windows won't start even in safe mode. I get a blue screen with the message IRQL_not_less_or_equal with the following at the bottom of the blue screen.
*** Stop: 0x0000000A (0X00000010,0X00000002,0X00000000,0X804D7256)
I am running XP Pro and recently installed (about a month ago) a PCI SATA card and a new Western Digital Hard Drive and a NVidia graphics card in my AGP slot. I also just installed a PCI eSATA card for a external Back up Hard Drive yesterday when this happened. All was running well for several hours then when I rebooted I got the blue screen and can't start Windows
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

Have you tried removing the new card? That stop error is frequently caused by faulty drivers.

I removed the eSATA card that I installed yesterday and got the same blue screen. I wasn't sure how to remove the driver since I can't start windows. I was able to use my Windows XP disk to get to a command prompt through the repair option but wasn't sure what to do from there.

Hit F8 when booting. Try choosing "Use last known good configuration."

Oh, and if that doesn't work, use your install disk to repair Windows (not in the recovery console). It'll reinstall Windows and should do the trick.

I should have mentioned I tried every option available when I hit F8 when booting, including the "use last known good configuration" and I get the same blue screen with every option. I also used the windows disk to try to repair windows . (The option to do a repair or do a fresh installation came up when I chose the install windows option rather than the repair console option.) Nothing has worked.

I'm going to check out the web site you mentioned and see what I can find out. Thanks.

I checked out the web site but I'm afraid the article said "you cannot start the system restore tool from a recovery console command prompt" and I can't get to any other command prompt because I can't start windows in "Safe mode with command prompt" or in any other mode.

Well, I think your only option at this point is to run Knoppix or some live Linux distro (or other Live CD) to recover your data, then wipe and reinstall. Wish I could help you more.