I am trying to connect to my work PC, which is connected to a domain, from my house PC.
The house PC is on a wifi network, and the work domain PC on a DSL network.
I have the IP address of the domain PC that I'm trying to connect to.

I used teamviewer to connect to it, but suddenly teamviewer doesn't connect anymore.

The PC that I'm trying to connect to has it's remote desktop allow connections enabled under the My Computer --> System Properties --> Remote Settings

Steps I took to try and connect via remote desktop:
1. opened Remote Desktop Connection
2. Typed in the IP address
3. An error comes up saying: "Remote desktop cannot connect to the remote computer for one of the following reasons"

I've tried the port fowarder, ip-address:3389 but that does not seem to work...

How can I remotely connect to my pc? Please Help!

If you can ping your office computer, then it should be on network.
if your connecting to domain PC, it is always good to use FQDN name like your computername with domain name ( pcname.domain.com)

If you still facing problem with getting connected, the pc could be hung or gone to sleep mode.