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Hey there,

I have been using windows 8.1 for quite a while now and just got a new laptop (Lenovo ideapad y510p). the first odd thing (not the main issue in this thread) is that the resolution of my laptop according to is 1536x864, while Lenovo advertises the laptop to be 1080x1920, which control panel also tells me.

The issue is that after I connected to my PC using the remote desktop app from microsoft, the scaling on my PC seems messed up. According to the website, my resolution is still 1080x1920 and the entire screen is filled. but everything looks just a little bit off. For example, the icons on my desktop now have bigger padding between them and text is a bit fuzzy. I can't find any setting that could be causing this.
When I set any game to use my actual resolution it just crashes to desktop instantly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!