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Even though I helped manage a network of a couple of dozen servers, I am not a network person. I would have no idea as to the proper way of setting up such a network. Having said that, I will add that there is no way to determine if your network is "correct" because configuring a network requires knowledge of its potential use. Among other things, you would need to specify

  1. the number of users
  2. the type of use (load, data requirements, etc)
  3. nature of the network

By "nature" I mean, is the network required to be available 24x7? Is the data critical? How long is it acceptable for the network to be unavailable. Such things determine replication requirements, communication requirements, etc. Our system required separate network paths for user use, replication, heartbeat, etc.


thanks Reverend Jim,,

but can you explane whats mean 24x7?

And this is image for new information:



I want any thing to explane how to install tmg to use as filter web sites with out as to be proxy on ip only.


24x7 means 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our network was used by the people running the provincial electrical grid. Outages were not an option.

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