My next school project is in microsoft excel. However school are using 2007 and it seems to be rather expencive. Now I could use skydrive/google spreadsheets to do it however it needs to be handed in, in xlsx format. Therefore it would be wise to just get office at home.

Therefore, I'm stuck between microsoft 365 and office home & student 2013. Which is better? Also which of these are compatible with office 2007? I know there's google and I have looked but couldn't really find much.

One last thing have any of you gto any good sites for buying software like this? Cheap-ish :)

Thanks, Mat.

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Yes, I have calc however the functions can mess up a little bit when converting from calc to excel and vice versa.


I'd probably go with the home and student version of MS office then. The Office 365 adds additional cloud based stuff which you may not need.

I'm not one to spend on stuff that I don't need. You can check on the Office365 offering to see if it makes sense for you.


The most important thing I need to know is if you know if home & student 2013 is compatible with 2007?


With regard to xlsx files? Yes.

However the Office applications themselves look slightly different between 2007 and 2013.

Starting with 2007, they standardized on the file formats.

That's why you can now exchange these docs between office and other 3rd party office products like open office.


Because it is open an format right? SO could I use excel at school and open office Calc at home?


Yes I don't see why not. I have not done a side by side comparison myself so I can't guarantee that for you. You should be able to quickly test that out.


I used to teach a computer class that used a software "grader" to read the finished project files. It was unable to find some of the features in the project if OpenOffice was used (and even if 2007 had been used instead of 2010).

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