I'm having trouble with my BIOS, like for example the power setttings are wrong, when i turn off the computer, the keyboard lights still stay on, and I can turn on the computer by hitting F1???!!!!

Any ways,

What i want to know is, is if I can reset my defaults without causing any problems to the PC??? I don't know what type of problems, I just want to know if I can reset the defaults without any problems....Thanks

You can reset the default values of the BIOS two different ways.
1) with the computer off remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard for fifteen or so minutes and replace it.
2) once again with the power off...there is a jumper on the motherboard which is usually located next to the CMOS battery, there are three pins, move the jumper over so that it is on the middle pin and the previous open pin, and then move it back.

You can reset the BIOS to the default values without any harm, you will loose any settings that you have enabled previously.

For what it's worth...it doesn't sound like a BIOS problem.

Did you accidentally remap the keyboard?